Digital Temperature Controller



As technology progresses, modern solutions to dated equipment not only becomes more user-friendly, but frequently more economical. Continuing our efforts to simplify and modernize the testing environments of gasoline, a digital temperature controller was developed. It is our attempt to provide a drop-in, modern alternative for comparable engine temperature controllers.

  • Easy to read temperature readouts for displaying both the Inlet Air Temperature and Mixture Air Temperature.
  • Simple control of set temperature value for both IAT and MIXT.
  • Temperature resolution of 0.1ºF (or ºC)
  • Calibratable offset for temperature controllers to mitigate temperature drift over time.
  • 2 Class A Platinum and Glass Pt100 temperature probes Mixture and Intake Air
  • Drop-in compatibility—comes fitted with 8-pin Jones plug style connector for use with existing engines.
  • Solid-state relay integration for reliable and safe heater operation
  • 3100 rpm fan-driven cooling system for temperature dissipation

1 Inlet Air Temperature Controller
2 Current Inlet Air Temperature
3 Set Temperature (IAT)
4 On/Off switch for IAT controller
5 Mixture Air Temperature Controller
6 Current Mixture Air Temperature
7 Set Temperature (MIXT)
8 On/Off switch for MIXT controller