D-1 Cable Tester


D-1 Cable Tester

A common problem among engine labs is the inability to quickly and easily
diagnose equipment problems. A solution to one of these problems is the
introduction of the D-1 Combustion Cable Tester. Its primary function is to check the
connectivity and orientation of combustion cables for octane rating equipment.

Key features:
➢ Battery operated with a standard 9V battery. An ON/OFF switch is included to save battery.
➢ Portable and lightweight
➢ LED indicating lights to easily display the current state of the combustion cable when attached to the device.
➢ A “POWER” light shows when the device is currently on and ready to test a cable
➢ A “GOOD” light represents a cable that is transmitting a signal from end to end.
➢ A “REVERSE” light represents that the cable has no breaks, however, the orientation of the leads going from end to end are reversed and will not provide proper operation when re-installed between a D-1 Pickup and a detonation meter
➢ Rubberized external case to provide extra protection in case of accidental drops; rear of device has small kickstand for added convenience.