Dual Digital Counter



As technology progresses, modern solutions to dated equipment not only becomes more user-friendly, but frequently more economical. Continuing our efforts to simplify and modernize the testing environments of gasoline, a dual digital counter was developed. It is our attempt to provide a drop-in, modern alternative for Waukesha dual digital counters, now made even simpler with barometric correction already in place.

Dual Digital Counter features:

  • Easy to read corrected and true counts of cylinder height
  • Follows same layout as existing Dual Digital Counters
  • Built-in barometric correction with barometric pressure display for reference
  • High accuracy barometer to meet D2699 and D2700 barometer specifications
  • On-board calibration capable for barometer
  • Selectable method for barometric correction values (RON or MON)
  • Outfitted with laser measurement to accurately determine cylinder height.
  • Customized bracket to be installed in same place as existing Dual Digital counters.

1 Direct count display — displays the true count for cylinder height
2 Corrected count display — displays corrected count for cylinder height
3 Barometric pressure display — displays the current barometric pressure of the room
4 On/Off switch