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Meeting your service, calibration, training and technical support needs.
We specialize in some of the most commonly used brands in the industry:
Alcor®, Koehler, Herzog®, ISL®, & Stanhope Seta
as well as Detonation Meters and Temperature Controllers.

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Welcome To StanCo Scientific

StanCo Scientific SignLocated in Morris, IL, Stanco Scientific, Inc. was founded in 2003 by Paul Stankiewicz as an instrument service company, providing professional service, calibration, training and technical support to research and testing laboratories. Manufacturing and sales of new and aftermarket instruments are now an integral part of StanCo’s continued growth. Although we started out servicing the Midwest, we have expanded our reach to North America and its territories.

We are a reliable service and sales company providing support at highly competitive prices, with over 25 years of experience. Offering service contracts for preventative maintenance and calibration of current and obsolete physical property testing instruments. We service distillation, flashpoint, jet fuel analyzers, carbon residue, viscosity and many others. Our manufacturing facility supplies parts and consumables for a wide variety of instrumentation. Refurbishment of 501C meters, temperature controllers and conversion of 501T meters for knock engines has a less than 14-day turnaround.

Our Mission

StanCo Scientific BoothOur primary goal is customer service and satisfaction. StanCo Scientific is striving to bring back customer confidence through reliability, professionalism and quality. We believe this is what your service company should provide. Calibration and repair services conform to instrument’s factory specifications and requirements set forth by standard organizations. New instrumentation, repair, calibration and recertification of all instrumentation is a constant for all laboratories.

StanCo Scientific, Inc. was founded on the principles of quality, integrity and reliability. We have invested heavily in the personnel, equipment and certifications necessary to deliver the highest quality service. We are constantly upgrading our skills and abilities to provide the greatest value possible to you, our customers.

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