At StanCo Scientific we have found over our 20 plus years of taking care of our customers, that all labs are not the same. So our on-site service has never been based on a “zone” system but per site which saves you the customer money.  We offer contracts for preventative maintenance and calibration of current or obsolete physical property testing instruments.  Servicing distillation, flashpoint, jet fuel analyzers, carbon residue, viscosity, cold properties and many more. Our manufacturing facility supplies parts and consumables for a wide variety of instrumentation at in many cases lower that the manufacturers.


Our Service Center Now Offers:

We have experience in refurbishing 501C meters and temperature controllers and convert 501T meters to C at a flat fee cost. Turnaround time is 1 to 2 weeks.

Service Cost
501C Knock Meters $3200.00
501T Conversion to C $3800.00
Temperature Controllers $3200.00