KnockstarzStanco Scientific’s own octane engine specialization company, Knockstarz, provides service and support for the most commonly used electronic equipment such as Detonation Meters, Temperature Controllers, Humidified Cooling Towers, 100% shielded cables for all equipment, Digital Temperature Controllers, Dual Digital Counters and Digital Knock Meters.

Tanaka InstrumentsAt Tanaka, their mission is to create, network, and support for brighter future of planet earth. Stanco Scientific proudly supports that mission by carrying Tanaka Flash Point Testers, Cloud and Pour Point, Distillation and many more of their instruments.

Stanhope-SetaStanhope-Seta design and manufacture petroleum test equipment and laboratory instruments used to measure the physical characteristics that determine product quality and consistency. Stanco Scientific implements the SETA brand for advanced performance, accuracy, and reliability.

Koehler Instrument CompanySince 1925, the Koehler Instrument Company has been a leading producer and supplier of petroleum and petrochemical instrumentation worldwide. Koehler meets Stanco Scientific’s testing needs as their primary focus, making them ideal for all of our testing needs.