StanCo Digital Detonation Meter (SSD7000)


Digital Detonation Meter

Introducing the NEW Alternative to the 501C for D2699 & D2700

The SSD-7000 is designed with features that make it a smooth migration for experienced operators.

Digital display of SSD-7000 Meter and Spread Digital display of SSD-7000 Normal Operation Digital display of SSD-7000 Output Scale Digital display of SSD-7000 Time Constant

Special Features:

  • The attractive 2×20 blue backlit LCD consistently gives the user feedback
  • A simple seven multi-function button interface is provided to adjust operating parameters
  • Meets ASTM requirements
  • Designed for flexibility while adding the convenience of a digital interface
  • Self-contained hardware requiring a simple input voltage to function
  • Using the same basic circuit logic as the 501C
  • All coils rotors and pots replaced with the digital equivalent
  • Face adjustment is still the same Zero, Spread, Meter and Time Constant
  • High Knock Range up to 150 KI when paired with a Digital Display
  • Drop-in compatible with existing cables; New shielded cables included with instrument
  • Multiple output configurations, RS232, RJ45, 4-20mA
  • Chemical resistant membrane touchpad