SSD-7120 Knock Linearity Source

SSD7120 Spread Verification Manual


The verification of Knock and Detonation meters has been a topic for some time, over 60 years in fact. Linearity effects knock reading which ultimately effects Octane ratings. How does one truly know if the detonation meter or the knock meter are working correctly? Is your engines spread linear as it relates to the range of the input voltages and settings on the knock meter dial. It is possible that the meter on the engine isn’t linear and falls outside the 2point limits? The beauty of this handheld instrument is you can test meters without the engine, all you would need is a Detonation meter/power supply and a knock meter. If you have a shelf full of unknown meters test them out to verify they work or don’t prior to sending them in for repair. Which SAVES you money!

We have developed a new technique to effectively test the Knock meter over the 0 to 100KI range. Detonation meters can be checked over the D1‘s range of output voltages 1.0V to 0.200V. This system allows the operator to safely test meters and cables at various voltages and meter/spread settings.  Checking for dead spots in the Knockmeter, Detonation meters meter/spread rotors, and cables. For  troubleshooting and verifying your systems linearity, which should be no more than 1% of full scale. The SSD7120 is an all in one simple to use portable verification device.