Digital Knockmeter


Digital Knockmeter

Analog knockmeters have limitations. Their range is limited between 0 and 100 and the linearity from
meter to meter is questionable after our research. There is human interaction with an analog meter
to determine where the needle lies along the sweep of the range. To tackle these variables, a simple-
to-use digital alternative was developed to make octane rating procedures simpler.

Key features:
➢ Large, easy-to-read display that is visible up to 100 feet away. Digits are 2.5 inches in height.
➢ Capable of achieving higher knock intensities than traditional equipment. Digital
knockmeters have the capacity to reach input knock signals of 999.9 intensity.
➢ Digital knockmeters are easily calibrated and track linearly throughout their entire range.
➢ Comparing digital meters between one another reveals an identical relationship. Analog
knockmeters do not have this same relationship.

MODEL: SSD1000-color