Digital CFR Console


SSD9000 Brochure

StanCo Scientific is committed to providing alternative and comprehensive solutions. We feel there is a strong need to move in a new direction. The Digital CFR console is designed with features that make it an easy migration for experienced operators.

Special Features

  • 6 PID temperature controllers/read outs that can be easily calibrated
  • 4 Pressure readouts including barometric pressure
  • Stanco breakerless ignition module included
  • All solidstate heater control: set temps via simple up /down buttons on controller
  • Four-sided mounted twist lock PT100 probes for intake air, mixture, oil and coolant temperatures
  • Low 24volt DC controllers | Addressable RS485 output from the process controllers to computer interface
  • 3 color indicator status display: Yellow/Low, Green/Good, and Red/Off
  • Meets method requirements
  • Designed for flexibility while adding the convenience of a digital interface
  • Large easy to read KI readout
  • Separate zero/span adjustment for process output
  • Easily verified via fixed resistor plugs or Decade box
  • Ability to automatically control or shut down peripherals if failure occurs
  • Digital cylinder height measuring available
  • Lower cost of maintenance fewer proprietary parts
  • All major components made in the USA